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 Robert E. Lee, original owner of Arlington Cemetery?  

This is a lengthy,yet worth the read, great article by Smithsonian Magazine, (click here for the article), both for its content and the timing of sending it out. This ...

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2012 Election

Jill Ainsworth


The results of the election have left many people feeling defeated and discouraged. They are asking and wondering where is the hope? Where is the change? The answer lies in our history.

We encourage you to browse our website for ...

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Counter-Revolution: An Alternative Political Choice

EVERY FOUR YEARS Americans seek “change” by way of their vote in the current political system. Oftentimes, change comes. But the economic and moral downward trend continues, election after election. Our foundation continues to erode. Is ...

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Who Won the First Debate?

Jill Ainsworth

So….who won the first round of the debates? Romney? Obama?  If we look only through a close up view, we listen and hear from the media pundits’ things like, “Romney was polished and ready”, “Obama, in just dealing ...

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Join John at 6:00pm (EST) as he is interviewed by Randy Yarbrough. Tune it at:

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