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Georgia Moves Closer to Re-establishment with "Reclaiming Georgia" Conference

This past weekend, the America's Remedy team headed down to Marietta, GA for "Reclaiming Georgia". By our counts, there were 50-60 in attendance. After talks by Garland Favorito and John Ainsworth, the people there seemed very optimistic toward re-establishing just as we've done in NC. We are thankful to Hope Presbyterian for kindly hosting this event. It is truly a blessing to meet others who are so passionate about restoring lawful government to America.

We've got lots of work to do yet as our friends in Georgia now moving toward having additional conferences to confirm interest, and hopefully begin working on their journey to re-establishment and their legal resistance to federal overthrow. We're glad to be able to reach out to the people of Georgia, and we enjoyed meeting you all. Welcome to the Counter-Revolution!

If you are interested in seeing Georgia re-establish their de jure state and join the fight against unlawful government, please visit the Georgia Remedy page here, or contact

Also, check out more photos from the March 22nd event on our Facebook page, here:

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