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Town Pressured, Removes Religious Symbols. The 14th Amendment Strikes Again.

Just north of Winston-Salem, and south of Pilot Mountain, you'll find the small town of King, North Carolina. On January 6th, the city of King made the decision to remove ALL Christian symbols from the veterans' memorial at their local park after a lengthy 4+ year legal battle with a local man, Steven Hewett, a U.S. Army veteran who sued the city in November 2012 stating that the religious symbols at the park allegedly violated his Constitutional rights. As a result, today, the Christian flag and a statue of a soldier kneeling at a cross-marked grave are no longer present at the memorial.

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As can be seen on page 42 of the July 2014 memorandum and order from Judge Beaty, all decisions to be made on this case would be analyzed under the Constitution's First Amendment, specifically the Establishment Clause which restricts the establishment of religion. The judge reveals that though the First Amendment originally applied ONLY to the federal government, it has now been incorporated against the states by the Fourteenth Amendment.


On January 15th, just a few days following these events in King, an America's Remedy presentation (video link here) was organized within the city limits to explain the origins of the 14th Amendment and remedy for reversing its effects. In the presentation, held at the local Cornerstone Baptist Church in King, NC, John Ainsworth reveals the following information:

  • The American states were originally Christian.
  • The 14th Amendment was coerced into place by the Reconstruction Acts of the 39th Congress.
  • The Reconstruction Acts were not the logical conclusion to the war.
  • The 14th Amendment and the Reconstruction Acts were not designed for the freed slaves. They were designed to nationalize citizenship.
  • The Reconstruction Acts annulled lawful states and changed the body politics of states in the north and the south, illegally creating new states for national U.S. citizens, as opposed to sovereign states for state citizens, as we originally had.
  • Every attempt at adjudication has been met with obstruction of justice.

Restoring Religious Freedoms
A Presentation by John Ainsworth

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It is possible that few people understand how drastically the 14th Amendment affects our citizenship. This amendment, along with the legislation which coerced it, is ultimately the total destruction of state-rights. This time in our history represents the reversal of the relationship between our federal government and the states. 

Many people would say that decisions like those made by this judge are incorrect, or perhaps a result of judicial activism. However, if we closer examine the foundation of law which has been allowed by the American people to exist and thrive, ruling after ruling, we will quickly discover that the decisions by judges like this are actually correct -- correct, IF the 14th Amendment remains as the basis. If the 14th Amendment and Reconstruction remain unchallenged, this will continue to be the basis by which cases like this are judged, and states and their localities will continue to be ruled by national decisions.

If a national, United States citizen is "protected" nationally in one state, he is also "protected" nationally in another state. The 14th Amendment clearly allows the overruling of decisions normally left to the states and their localities to now be decided at a national level. As a national U.S. citizen under the 14th, you are equally "protected", but you are also equally ruled, under national law.

The only way to reverse the effects of the legislation which put into place the 14th Amendment is for the American people to begin participating in lawful government. To vote or participate in governments that were created as a result of treasonous acts of Congress is truly to maintain the treasonous overthrow of our lawful states.

Here in North Carolina, the North-Carolina American Republic is the re-establishing of the state that was stolen from us by these Acts. Re-populating, participating, and supporting this state creates an injured party -- a method by which the Reconstruction Acts, and as a result, the illegal passage of the 14th Amendment, can once again be brought into American courts.

The fighting of Reconstruction and this Amendment MUST BE a multifaceted endeavor. It must be something that is invested in daily, slowly, with prudence, and by seeking the counsel of those around us. It's not easy for most individuals to jump from a limited historical knowledge to the sudden re-populating of our original state. And so, the first step in this counter-revolution MUST be an investment in our own education and the education of those around us -- our children, our families, and our communities. Once we understand the history behind what happened to our states and our form of government, then what originally seemed to be a radical leap will quickly become realized as, simply, a logical next step.

"Knowledge will forever govern ignorance and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives."
   - James Madison 

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