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Raleigh Capital Tax Day Tea Party

Jill Ainsworth

This Friday - Tax Day - April 15, 2011 Join America's Remedy as we co-sponsor Triangle Conservatives Unite in Raleigh at the State Capitol at 5:00pm

There are a number of speakers, including organizers, club leaders, politicians and community activists.  The event will have a number of the clubs and groups who are sponsoring the event on-site.  This event is open to the public, regardless of political affiliation.

The keynote speaker is Jason Lewis, host of the nationally syndicated Jason Lewis Show. The Jason Lewis Show deals with the serious issues of politics, economics, and cultural affairs. 

Rick Summerlin

April 19, 2011
10:54 am
Sure do with I could have been there and I especially regret missing out on the Jason Lewis comments. I'll be there next time for sure. Rick

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