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Webinar This Thursday, 7:00PM

John Ainsworth (of America's Remedy) is partnering with Cliff Muncy to bring you a bi-weekly LIVE webcast covering a wide range of topics. Every other Thursday we'll bring you discussions on things such as State-rights, America's Christian foundation, The Civil War and Reconstruction, and what it takes to re-establish a lawful state government. During these discussions, we will also tie in current events and how those events either directly stem from, or relate to the time period when America was overthrown.

These discussions aim to be informative and educational, but are sure to fire up some interesting debate as well! During these live broadcasts, we invite viewers to interact with the program by signing on to the America's Remedy Livestream chat room. Our moderators make sure your questions and comments are filtered to John and Cliff, and they'll address them directly live on the air.

Join us for the next episode of the America's Remedy webcast on Thursday, September 27 beginning at 7:00 PM (EST). We'll be delving into the issue of State-rights, what they are, who they belong to, and how we can get them back. 

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