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8th NC PATCON 2015 Constitutional Roundtable

Cliff Muncy

On Saturday, October 3rd, America's Remedy was in Tarboro, NC at the 8th NC PATCON (Patriot Convention). We had opportunity not only to present the Remedy to attendees, but to also participate in a constitutional roundtable.

The participants involved were constitutional educator, speaker, author KrisAnne Hall (; historian, legal activist John Ainsworth (,; and lawyer, philosopher, logician Publius-Huldah (

In the hours preceding, it was quickly apparent that all three speakers were well versed on foundational history and law, as each shared a presentation. This knowledge was, of course, echoed in the roundtable. However, the discussion quickly turned into a heated debate, even to the point of disruption, when the subjects of Reconstruction, the Fourteenth Amendment, and nationalized citizenship were initiated as questions from the audience. As the panelists began to respond, disagreement on actionable goals became apparent.

I would imagine that the debate became much more fiery than any participant would have expected, or intended. However, in its raw and unedited form, one cannot help but be thankful for the opportunity to share and receive such foundational beliefs as were argued during this animated and spirited exchange.

I know that those at America's Remedy are hopeful that such exchanges can continue; and that truth will be sought in all cases.

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