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Building Blocks on the Road to Counter-Revolution

Cliff Muncy

I think there was an underlying current there at the debate -- an assumption that because we're discussing finer points with attorneys, that somehow we're not interested in "building blocks" education. This couldn't be further from the truth. I myself started out in a simple study group learning "basics". Every teacher and every student has their place, and this is a multi-faceted, multi-generational goal.  

It's not complicated to understand that if you are enslaved, if you want to be free again, there has to be some sort of resistance, by the people themselves, to that enslavement. This is a relatively simple concept. But people aren't avoiding that fact because it's complicated. They avoid it because it scares them. They avoid it because freedom requires sacrifice and risk. And, of course, an even bigger problem we're dealing with now is that most Americans don't want to be free in the first place.

If we find the key to what enslaves us, it's not our fault that it seems complicated to some. It's just the key, and that is what it is. It's truth, unadulterated, and there it sits. This government is supported by the people who have no idea what legalese and contracts they, with their states, are trapping themselves under, by their own free will; and yet, here we remain, doing the same things over and over, expecting different results. We're trying to shed light on what that messy, sticky web looks like so they can set themselves free from it. If we could set ourselves free from that web, all the while ignoring how complicated it is, I think we're all ears for how to make that happen and/or how it should be explained or not explained. The harvest is there and we await those more creative than ourselves. Believe me. We await them.

I had the pleasure of creating and narrating a ten-minute animated video with music and stick men as my little effort to try and simplify. My video can be found on and on YouTube. Just search "counter-revolution alternative". I'd love to do a new, updated version. But the point is, I did this of my own accord, inspired by what I've learned, building blocks and all. There are many more opportunities available like this for those who like to create, and I'm sure it could be done better. We need help in simplifying, and that's the call. When I hear, "it's too complicated", my response is, "come, and help us simplify it!"

When people have endured a long enough train of abuses, they will eventually want freedom. Once they actually desire it, the easiest routes will begin. This is human nature. Those paths of least resistance. Of course, some more than others. The voting (Republicans vs Democrats). The shouting (the early tea party protests). The organized movements to replace representatives (example: GOOOH). The redress of grievances (example: We the People Foundation). The attempts to nullify (Tenth Amendment Center). After these things fail, and perhaps fail several times (and a few of them already have), those wanting freedom begin to dig deeper, into the trenches of truth, for their keys to freedom. The truth also begins to become more obvious as their failed goals turned experiments begin to direct more and more attention to a hypothesis -- that theoretical "wall" that has yet to be attacked.

It's my opinion that we're still in the early stages. Many of us are in the experimental "loop" that keeps repeating itself, while many are still enjoying their servitude. Some, on the other hand, have pulled themselves from the experiments altogether, after years and years of frustration. I believe, right now, education is important. What folks like Publius and KrisAnne are doing is hugely important, because it pushes us FASTER to that "next step" in the evolution. At the same time I know that time is of the essence. Deciding upon which end of this evolutionary / counter-revolutionary road we each want to put ourselves on is a difficult choice. And for that, I think we need to call on a higher power than ourselves. We need more than man power. We need prayer and the healing fire that comes with revival.

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