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152nd Anniversary of Reconstruction; Re-Establishment of Texas (TAR)

Milo Townsend

For Immediate Release, March 5, 2019

Each year for the past two years, America’s Remedy has marked the anniversary of the First Reconstruction Act, 14 Stat. 428, of March 2, 1867, with articles (here, & here) portraying that Act as the first shot in a second American Civil War - a war perpetrated by Congress against the States of the federal Union which ultimately culminated in the overthrow of the very Constitution upon which that Union of States was built. The Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery in 1865, but within less than two years of that monumental achievement, the 39th Congress effectively eliminated the rights that Amendment, and the late war, had just bestowed upon the freedmen liberated by the bloodshed of some 600 thousand American soldiers, not to mention the sacrifices made by their grand-parents’ generation during our Revolution to free America from the rule of the British government and give us a birthright to free government of our consent. 

The initial Reconstruction Act was nothing less than a Congressional coup d’etat, a bona fide act of constitutional treason committed by the 39th Congress of the United States. The consequences of that act were, as Congressman James G. Blaine so eloquently stated in the year of its perpetration, “numerous and weighty” (Blaine, Twenty Years of Congress, V. II, p. 313), and we continue to live with those consequences to this day:  living our lives as subjugated “citizens of the United States” instead of as free Citizens of our respective States, residing in subordinated “states” that are little more than administrative subdivisions of a now national, rather than federal system of government, laboring under the delusion that this situation was the intent of the framers of the Constitution and that we are living the American dream of liberty under law, when, in fact, that misconception could not be much further from the truth. 

America’s Remedy notes these unfortunate facts of history with an eye to how we, today, might strive to rectify the legal and political wrongs committed against our federal republic, our Constitution, and against our forebears some 152 years ago this month - wrongs that have been consistently preserved, maintained and compounded by the heirs to governments de facto ever since. We are a solutions-oriented non-partisan educational outreach organization dedicated to, as our name implies, the remedy in law that those constitutional violations require of us as Americans. Our mission is to educate and inform all Americans, and to foster a grassroots Counter-revolution to take back our federal republic by re-establishing the de jure Demi-sovereign States that the Reconstruction Acts attempted to eliminate a century and a half ago. 

Twenty-one years ago this past December 1st marked the re-establishment of the de jure State of North-Carolina, styling itself tentatively as the “North-Carolina American Republic.” For two decades, the NCAR has remained the one and only re-established de jure State of the original federal Union under the Constitution. Our Citizenship has grown in that time, but our numbers remain relatively few. Our Citizens have waged an array of court cases in  courageous defiance of the tyranny of the de facto government, some of which cases have been appealed all the way to the ‘federal’ courts, and one of which was even submitted to the Supreme Court of the United States for consideration - the first time that Court has been offered an opportunity to review the constitutionality of the Reconstruction Acts since 1868 - although that auspicious body declined to take up such an inconsequential and arcane matter as whether or not the very foundations of our lawful system of government have been utterly overthrown and displaced by a complete fraud. Nevertheless, we, the People of the organic State of North-Carolina have persevered against our adversaries, and persisted in our efforts to challenge unlawful government, establish a record of its abuses, and bring awareness to the issues we believe are fundamental to restoring liberty under law. Still, we have, until this last weekend, taken this stand alone. 

Friends, colleagues & supporters of America’s Remedy, and fellow State Citizens of the NCAR:  all of that is about to change, for this past Saturday, March 2nd, the year of our Lord two-thousand and nineteen, marks this 152nd anniversary of the tragedy called Reconstruction, but we remark upon it this year with a new and distinct kind of enthusiasm! Today, we rejoice to announce the culmination of over a year’s worth of effort and collaboration between ourselves, at America’s Remedy, and a fine and upstanding group of Texans who have just lately executed, on that anniversary, the official Re-Establishment of the 28th de jure State of the original federal Union, the original, lawful and legitimate State of Texas. The People of Texas, re-forming their State under the name “Texas American Republic,” now join the North-Carolina American Republic as two of the original constitutional member States of our federal Union, and we are proud to announce their achievement, and to presage the NCAR’s formal recognition of them as the first sister State to join us in restoring our federal republic of republics! 

We, and they, are well aware of the arduous task upon which they have embarked, but take this instance to soberly reflect that, with fortitude, wisdom and determination, and by the grace of Providence, we have no cause to doubt that this is only the beginning of a new era - a new dawn of liberty - in the life of the great American experiment in lawful government of the consent of the people, and that we shall prevail. For, as the saying goes, “An idea whose time has come, cannot be stopped.” Ladies and gentlemen, the time has, indeed, come once again, for the idea of freedom, and it will permit no obstacle to impede its ascendancy. We herald that event with the greatest degree of hope and embrace it as if it were our own salvation, for, in a sense, it offers nothing less than exactly that to the peoples of the American States. 

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