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Seminar: Restoring America’s Christian & Constitutional Foundation

Jill Ainsworth

Come join us April 17th at 9:30am with John Ainsworth, Founder of America’s Remedy-which is focused on restoring our original Christian Constitutional foundation. The questions he answers are: (1) What was America’s Foundation and how we lost it? (2) Do we have a moral, right, and Just Cause to put it back in place? John is a dynamic speaker with 30 years of research and experience as a legal activist and dynamic speaker. He gives Americans hope. There is an answer and it’s at our fingertips. If you are interested in putting America back on a moral Christian foundation come join us on Saturday April 17th at 9:30 at Glenwood Baptist Church, 461 Bostic Sunshine Hwy., Bostic, NC Sponsored by: Jim Kennedy/Bostic Plumbing $25.00 if paid in advance, $35.00 at the door. Price includes lunch. Make checks payable to: Bostic Plumbing P.O.Box464 Bostic, NC 28018
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