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Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death - A Modern Adaptation by John Ainsworth
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Remembering Patrick Henry
A Wake Up Call for America Today

In honor of the 238th anniversary of Patrick Henry's famous "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" speech on March 23, 1775, we decided to revisit the speech itself. As we were reading, we saw striking parallels between 1775 America and present-day America.

False hope crippled the American people then as it does now. Americans are deluded by hope in the status quo, voting the right people in office, involving ourselves in political action committees, working the system, etc.. We falsely believe that if we are successful in those avenues that we will actually regain our liberties and get the result we want. And, of course, there are always the people who think if you just ignore the problems, everything will work itself out and the inevitable won't come.

Patrick Henry's speech was a wake up call to get the people to see the direction they were going. We at America's Remedy recognize that we are on the same downward-spiraling direction in 2013 as we were in 1775. The rate at which we are sliding down the slippery slope of moral ineptitude, complete lack of fiscal responsibility, and loss of liberty is truly astounding.

In Patrick Henry's time, the government/King was the sovereign and they dictated laws to their subjects. America is supposed to be different. We are supposed to have a Republican form of government, a government that comes from the consent of the people. The people, as a state/body politic (not individuals) were the sovereign. Governments were created to serve and institute laws for their protection, not their subjugation. This is precisely the goal of America's Remedy: to get us back to these founding principles.

Today we find ourselves in the same situation as the colonies were in hundreds of years ago. The national government has taken the position as being the sovereign and the American people are mere subjects to that sovereign. We, the American people, are at a crossroads now, much like the people at the time of this original speech.

Do you want to be a free American citizen, or do you want to be a citizen who is merely subjugated with benefits?

The choice is yours. As for us, we choose liberty!

Yours In Liberty,
John and Jill Ainsworth

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!

Download / Read John's modern adaptation of Patrick Henry's famous speech.

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