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Counter-Revolution: An Alternative Political Choice
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The Reconstruction Acts, and the coerced passage of the 14th Amendment, annulled pre-existing states in the south AND in the north, peopling them over again with nationalized U.S. citizens, having drastically limited rights.

James Madison explained the dangers of nationalized citizenship when he stated; "The idea of a national government involves in it, not only an authority over the individual citizens, but an indefinite supremacy over all persons and things..." Reconstruction and the 14th Amendment placed all Americans under the indefinite supremacy of Congress, and eliminated State sovereignty, and state-rights. Regardless of which president is in office, the nefarious actions of the 39th Congress authorized the federal government to make decisions for ALL states on important, and often controversial issues like abortion, gay rights, prayer in schools, health care, gun laws, and more.

The Reconstruction Acts violated no fewer than 9 clauses of the Constitution, and the 14th Amendment remains the only congressionally coerced amendment in our history. Our current government isn't broken, to simply be mended with a vote. Rather, its enforcement, and our OBEDIENCE, and PARTICIPATION in it, represents a usurpation of power — a REVOLUTION.


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